America Votes 2024: Previewing an Unprecedented Presidential Election

Joshua Sellers | © Annette Hoernischer

Talk mit Prof. Joshua Sellers, JD, PhD, University of Texas School of Law | Im Rahmen des Black History Month und der U.S. Election 2024

The American electorate is facing a momentous presidential election this year. Former President Donald Trump is currently leading the GOP nomination field, despite having been indicted ninety-one times and having been removed from the ballot in multiple states. President Joe Biden is resisting calls from some Democrats to abstain from seeking reelection because of his old age. And a third party (No Labels) is deciding whether to run its own presidential and vice-presidential nominees. All of this is happening in the midst of extreme political polarization and a rapidly changing electorate. In this talk, Professor of Law at the University of Texas, Joshua Sellers, will help explain these various dynamics and what impact they might have on the presidential race. A Q&A will follow.  

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