Open Dialog: Winnetou, Weißwurst and Wetten, dass...?: German Folklore and American Stereotypes

German-American Topics mit Jason Brown, Freiburg & USA

Stereotypes are a topic of much contention – they often act as a form of standardization, creating a restricted, simplistic worldview, and, on occasion, even leading to bigotry. Still, they are experienced by every country in the world – and Germany is no exception. Though it is American stereotypes of Germany that often feel especially redundant: Beer, Lederhosen and Oktoberfest seem to prevail in the minds of American tourists as things quintessentially German. But not all stereotypes are false, or even in bad intent. Often we can find bits of truth in them, where it is clear they were and still are affected by real culture, and may even have an effect on it in turn. So let's discuss stereotypes and their impact!

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Mi, 15.Nov.2023 um 18:30