Killers of the Flower Moon

Monday Nite at the Movies

Oklahoma, USA in the Roaring 1920s: A North American tribe, the Ni-u-kon-ska (Osage), grow wealthy after discovering oil on their lands. This results in jealousy and resentment by white Americans in the region and many of the Osage tribe are mysteriously killed over the course of a decade. Especially focusing on Molly Burkhart (Lily Gladstone), who is part of the Osage tribe, the movie follows the killings of her family, which were led by political boss William Hale (Robert DeNiro) and his nephew, Molly’s husband, Ernest Burkhart (Leonardo DiCaprio). This suspenseful drama is based on a terrifying true story and the bestselling book by the same title, written by David Grann. Praised for the perfomances of the cast, and yet another masterpiece of star director Martin Scorsese, also known for The Wolf of Wall Street, Shutter island, Goodfellas and many other blockbusters, it is a movie guaranteed to impress the audience and leave them in awe.

USA | 2023 | 206 min | Dir.: Martin Scorsese | OmU
Mit einer Einführung von Rolf Luchs, Freiburg
Veranstaltungssprache: Englisch

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