A Slave Rebellion Up Close: Dutch Guyana, 1763-1764

Marjoleine Kars | © privat

Talk mit Prof. Marjoleine Kars, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston

In February 1763, thousands of slaves in the Dutch colony of Berbice, present-day Guyana, launched a massive rebellion -- and very nearly succeeded.  For an entire year, they fought their enslavers, dreaming of establishing a free state that would have been the first Black Republic. Instead, they vanished from history. Marjoleine Kars tells the explosive story of a nearly forgotten revolution, an event that almost changed the face of the Americas. Drawing on long-buried Dutch interrogation transcripts and letters from the self-emancipated rebels to their Dutch enemies, this talk provides a rare look at the political vision of enslaved people at the dawn of the Age of Revolution. Marjoleine Kars is a professor of history at MIT in Boston. A native of the Netherlands, she works in the field of early modern Atlantic history, specifically resistance and revolution, slavery, and Dutch colonialism. Professor Kars is Professor Emerita at UMBC, where she taught for 28 years before coming to MIT.  From 2011-2018 she was Chair of the History Department at UMBC. In 2022, she received a University of Maryland Regents’ Award for Excellence in Research.

Moderation: Prof. Dr. André Krischer, Universität Freiburg
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Weingut & Brennerei Andreas Dilger, Urachstraße 3
Di, 13.Jun.2023 um 19:00