Dancing on Bones: History and power in China, Russia, and North Korea

Katie Stallard | © Sky News/Kevin Sheppard

Online-Talk mit Katie Stallard, New Statesman & Wilson Center, Washington, D.C. | Im Rahmen der Reihe "Transatlantic Tuesday"

History didn't end. Democracy didn't triumph. America's leading role in the world is no longer assured. Instead, autocrats and populist strongmen are on the rise, and the global order established after 1945 is under attack. This is the phenomenon Katie Stallard tackles in Dancing on Bones, as she examines how the leaders of China, Russia, and North Korea manipulate the past to serve the present and secure the future of authoritarian rule. Drawing on first-hand, on-the-ground reporting, Dancing on Bones argues that if we want to understand where these three nuclear powers are heading, we must understand the stories they are telling their citizens about the past. Stallard is a senior editor at the New Statesman magazine where she writes about China and global affairs as well as a non-resident global fellow at the Wilson Center in Washington, DC. Previously based in Russia and China as a foreign correspondent for Sky News, Stallard has reported from more than twenty countries to date, covering conflicts, natural disasters, and some of the world’s most repressive regimes. 

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