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Open Dialog: Nostalgia and Remakes in Popular Culture

German-American Topics with Jason Brown, Freiburg & USA

As Mad Men's Don Draper has said before: ‘‘Nostalgia – its delicate but potent.‘‘ Especially in today's world, where it seems that people like to find some sort of comfort in the past. This longing for nostalgia appears to reflect onto our pop culture, where old fashion trends are making a comeback and remakes of old TV Shows and movies tend to be more popular than ever. The once Full House has now gotten Fuller. The boy that once met the world, now has a daughter who meets the world. And That 70’s show has turned 20 years older into That 90’s show.

Why is it then that we're searching for a comfort in the past? Why is nostalgia a good – and why is it a bad thing? Let's discuss our nostalgias and how they reflect onto our pop culture.

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Wed, Dec 06, 2023 at 18:30