Private Lessons and Mini Groups

Want to reach your English goals as soon as possible? One-on-one lessons are available anytime!

Please register with your designated Language Course Coordinator - the content and times of your lessons will be tailored to your needs.

Price List:

Teaching Units




Private Lessons

25€ one-time registration fee

1-9 TU of 45 Minutes

44€ per TU

46€ per TU

50€ per TU

10 TU of 45 Minutes





Groups of Two

15€ p.p. one-time registration fee

10 TU of 60 Minutes

200€ p.p.

215€ p.p.

230€ p.p.

10 TU of 90 Minutes

300€ p.p.

320€ p.p.

345€ p.p.


Groups of Three

10€ p.p. one-time registration fee

10 TU of 60 Minutes

145€ p.p.

155€ p.p.

170€ p.p.

10 TU of 90 Minutes

215€ p.p.

235€ p.p.

255€ p.p.


Meeting times and content of these lessons are adapted to fit the individual's needs. When registering, please include your preferred meeting times and language goals so that we can match you with the most suitable teacher.

For small groups, it is best to register with your own speaking partner(s).

There is a 24-hour cancellation policy for private lessons - please contact your teacher directly. Payment for private lessons is done in advance. As such, all booked lessons must be completed within 12 months of the start date. Lessons not taken will expire after this period.

*Discounted prices are for those with student memberships