Informational Handouts

Au Pair

An au pair stay is based on the idea of reciprocity: you look after the host family's children and help a little around the house, in return, you will receive accommodation, meals and pocket money. (Au Pair Handout)

Camp Counselor, Epcot Center, and Home or Farm Stay

There are few opportunities for a stay in the USA between Abitur and university studies. In addition to au pair, volunteer work and language courses, there are the following options to plan a stay: Camp Counselor, Epcot Center, Florida (Walt Disney World), and Home or Farm Stay. (Information sheet on the above topics)

Voluntary Work Abroad

International volunteer services are rendered in environmental, social, or cultural fields. They offer the opportunity to work in certain organizations or on certain projects, and allow the volunteer to get to know another country and its people and to gain practical experience. Service is possible in the areas of peace and human rights, social justice, environmentalism, or in the cultural sector. (Voluntary Work Abroad Handout in German)

High School Year

You want to take part in the daily life of an American family, visit an American high school while improving your English, and get to know the Americans, their land and their culture from a different perspective? Then a high school year in the US could be just the thing for you. (High School Year Handout in German)


There are many reasons to do an internship in the US. If you are interested in this, our fact sheet will give you a good initial overview. (Internship Handout in German)

Language Journeys

The terms "language course" and "language journey" are usually used interchangeably. Sometimes, however, a distinction between programs at language schools (language courses) and programs with a travel itinerary (journeys) is made. Short-term programs are usually understood to be different programs abroad where the teaching of English is not the main or only a small part of the program. (Language Journey Handout in German)

Summer Sessions

Summer Sessions offer a varied, albeit slightly reduced range of courses from the regular offerings of large, prestigious and smaller universities, as well as intensive learning at a high level. (Summer Sessions Handout in German)

U.S. Study

With thousands of accredited U.S. colleges, community colleges and universities in the United States, how do you find the one that is right for you? This fact sheet offers information, orientation, and guidance as you search for higher education institutions in the United States that fit your needs. (Study in the US Handout and/or follow this link:

Studying in the U.S. without a High School Diploma

Contrary to many people's expectations, studying in the USA is also possible without a high school diploma. On this information sheet about studying in the US without a HS diploma, we show you two possibilities for students without a university entrance qualification.

Work & Travel

Work & Travel stays offer many things: immersion in another culture, opportunities to enrich your language skills, the financing of longer stays, insights into foreign worlds of work and many new acquaintances. However, different programs emphasize different things. For instance, volunteers tend to work more than a work-and-traveler. (Work & Travel Handout in German)