at the Carl-Schurz-Haus (beginning May 2024 or later, full-time (39,5h) or part-time (20h or 12h per Week)

The Carl-Schurz-Haus/Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut e.V. is a bi-national institute established for the purpose of promoting positive relations between Germans and Americans as well as a clear understanding of each other’s culture.  The Carl-Schurz-Haus offers up-to-date information as well as an extensive program of events which address the different interests of the people of Freiburg and of southern Baden.  A wide range of English language courses as well as our vast collection of books and films in our library greatly add to what the Carl-Schurz-Haus has to offer. 

Internships within different departments of the Carl-Schurz-Haus are available. Our interns are offered the limited opportunity to see and be a part of the inner workings of a cultural institute and play an integral, active role in making our program run smoothly.

Duration: twelve weeks (full-time) / 3-6 months (part-time)

Prerequisites: The ideal applicant should:

  • Be interested in culture, society, politics, economics, and intercultural exchange
  • Have a firm command of the English language
  • Be familiar with Microsoft Office as well as several graphic design programs (Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, etc)
  • Demonstrate reliability as well as an interesting and friendly personality

In addition to being assigned various independent projects, our interns participate in the creation, preparation, and execution of our program of events.

Internships are unpaid.




Contact for internships:

Sabine Pawletta

Phone: 0761 / 556527-0

Fax: 0761 / 556527-22


The Carl-Schurz-Haus has a thriving course program, offering English classes for adults, teens and children. Please feel free to contact us if you are a native English speaker who is a highly qualified and experienced teacher, fulfilling the following prerequisites:

  1. Native speaker of English
  2. Foreign language teaching (mostly English to non-native speakers) experience with individuals and groups. Preferably two years minimum or more
  3. Have a university degree
  4. Have an excellent knowledge of the English language from a grammatical/linguistic point of view and have good ideas regarding teaching methods and use of different media
  5. Preferably have a TEFL qualification
  6. Able to submit ID with a valid resident’s permit and work permit, especially if not in possession of a European Union country passport
  7. Intend to stay in the area for at least a year
  8. Have a working knowledge of German (minumum A2-B1) and be aware of the problems of German learners of English have in particular


  1. Possess personal attributes which lead to being a personable and effective teacher (e.g. have self-confidence, good sense of humour, charm/charisma, be versatile, organized)
  2. Always be punctual and well-prepared
  3. Be able to motivate and adapt to the level and needs of the participants
  4. Keep the use of German to an absolute minimum and allow the maximum speaking time for the participants

Contact for teaching:

Ashley Matthäus (Adults & Companies)

Phone: 0761 / 556527-16


Uta Schroeder (Kids & Students)

Phone: 0761 / 556527-14

Fax: 0761 / 556527-22