Inside America

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Inside America offers students in the Freiburg district the opportunity to experience an authentic intercultural encounter with students or teachers from the United States. The central element of this program is learning through personal encounters. Students have the opportunity to improve their language skills, hear first-hand stories, overcome prejudices, and learn more about the United States.

We offer two formats for this purpose:

Student Visit:

Visiting students from the U.S. visit schools in the Freiburg administrative district, regardless of the type of school, be it elementary school, Hauptschule, Werkrealschule, Realschule, Gymnasium, vocational school or Gesamtschule. They share their local history and culture with the students and answer their questions. The visit is designed to be interactive and includes more than just lectures. There are a variety of opportunities, such as playing baseball or football, learning a line dance, or having lively debates on current issues.

Expert Visit:

Our experienced U.S. teachers combine exam-relevant content with cross-cultural encounters to teach classes about U.S. culture. Through interactive presentations and discussion sessions, for example, the main topics of the Abitur in Baden-Württemberg are covered. The students have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge about the USA and to enter into a dialogue about different aspects of politics, history and culture.

If you are interested, simply register online. We will then contact you immediately. Registrations should be received at least 6 weeks before the desired date.

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