ENTFÄLLT! Your Global Life by Design

Interkultureller Workshop mit Christiane Beinroth, Azurate Online Consulting

Life as an expat is a wonderful, but also a scary adventure. You meet exciting people, learn new languages, and experience different countries in so many wonderful ways that they all start to feel – in one way or another – like home. But even though there is so much personal growth in leading a global lifestyle, it can often become overwhelming to make sense of the multitude of cultures, languages, and values in your everyday life. So, how can you create order in your multicultural, multilingual and global life? How can you incorporate your global experiences into your professional life? How can you and your family embrace all of this culture and present it as the wonderful part of you that it is? Based on the book This Messy Mobile Life by Mariam Navaid Ottomofiore, Christiane Beinroth – founder of AZURATE, online consulting firm for international work and life – will guide you through these challenges with an accompanying skill set. In addition, you will have the opportunity to meet other expatriates and expat families and share your cross-cultural experiences with them.

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Veranstaltungssprache: Englisch

Do, 02.Mär.2023 um 19:00
Do, 02.Mär.2023 um 21:00