Open Dialog: The U.S. Midterm Elections and what to take away from the results

German-American Topics with Jason Brown

On November 8, the so-called Midterm Elections will have taken place in the U.S. The campaign has rarely been more exciting than this year: First, the radical opposition Republicans seemed on course to wrest dominance of both chambers of Congress from Joe Biden's Democrats. But then the case of Roe v. Wade, the FBI investigation of Donald Trump - and a series of unexpected successes by the 46th commander-in-chief, who had long seemed paralyzed, happened: from the climate package to the Ukraine support to the "Biden whopper" against rampant inflation. Who will have made the cut on deadline day, and who will thus dominate politics until the 2024 presidential election? And what does this election mean for the German-American relationship?

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Mi, 16.Nov.2022 um 18:30