Signing with Stephanie - Learn American Sign Language

American Sign Language Starter Course with Stephanie Mündel-Möhr

Dive into American Sign Language (ASL) with our starter course: Signing with Stephanie!
Lessons will be Monday evenings, 18-19:30 starting November 7th.

In short, ASL is a form of sign language that was developed in the United States and is also used in English-speaking parts of Canada. Similar to spoken languages, sign languages vary from region to region. Interestingly, ASL is closer to German Sign Language (DGS) than to British Sign Language (BSL).

Stephanie Mündel-Möhr is a Canadian who was born with severe hearing loss and has therefore used sign language since she was a young girl. She has lived in the Freiburg area for about 13 years and is fluent in both ASL and DGS.

Course fee is 90€, 75€ for members for 6x90 minutes
Minimum number of participants is 4, maximum is 8.


Mo, 07.Nov.2022 um 18:00
Mo, 12.Dez.2022 um 19:30