Monday Nite at the Movies | mit einer Einführung von Rolf Luchs, Freiburg

After losing her job at a plant, Fern (Frances McDormand), a widow and former substitute teacher, decides to sell most of her belongings and heads off in a shabby van to travel the country searching for temporary jobs. As she drifts from one place to another, she meets like-minded people – middle-aged nomads unable to afford a stable existence after the 2008 financial crash. Despite many hardships, they accept their fate without any bitterness and form a supportive community. Among the nomads is Dave (David Strathairn), who becomes Fern’s companion for a while.
Just like Chloé Zhao’s 2018 film “The Rider”, this neo-Western drama blurs the border between fiction and reality as most of the supporting roles are played by real-life nomads. Without any sense of anger or protest, the Chinese director explores this community of people at the outskirt of society in a “gentle, compassionate, questioning film about the American soul” (The Guardian) that has already been nominated for many awards.

USA | 2020 | 108 min | Dir.: Chloé Zhao | OmU
With an introduction by Rolf Luchs
Eintritt: € 8,50 / 7,50 Schüler, Studierende, Senioren (ab 65) / 7 CSH-Mitglieder & Inhaber der CineCard (ggf. zzgl. Überlängenzuschlag)
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Veranstaltungssprache: Englisch
Mit: Friedrichsbau Kino

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Friedrichsbau, Kaiser-Joseph-Str. 268
Mo, 12.Apr.2021 um 19:00