America on Fire Pt. III: Biden & The Promise of Unity

Esther T. Earbin, Jason Brown, Reginald Anthony, Patrick Bastien, Nicole Palazzo & Jorrell Rush-Kittle

Podiumsdiskussion mit Esther T. Earbin, Patrick Bastien, Reginald Anthony, Jorrell Rush-Kittle & Jason Brown | Moderation: Nicole Palazzo

A lot has happened since we last met with our expats Esther T. Earbin, Jorrell Rush-Kittle, Jason Brown, Patrick Bastien & Reginald Anthony in July 2020!
Landmark elections took place in November 2020, from which Democrat Joseph R. Biden, Jr. emerged as the winner, but by no means overwhelmingly so. Donald Trump never admitted his loss, making accusations of election fraud, filing lawsuits to challenge the counts and to demand recounts in various states and riling up his supporters to “stop the steal”, climaxing in the storm of the U.S. capitol on the day the Electoral College votes were counted in a joint session of Congress to formally certify Biden's victory. America’s democracy seems fragile and its society deeply divided. Will Joe Biden be able to bring the people back together and be a president for all Americans, as he promised? How will Vice President Kamala Harris influence conversations about race and gender in American politics and society? Our expats – one of whom only recently moved back to the U.S. – will analyze the events so far and will offer their own expectations of, hopes for and outlook on America under Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Let’s talk!

The discussion is moderated by Nicole Palazzo of the podcast "The Expat Cast."

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