Young Perspectives on America's Future

Gespräch mit Kayla Draheim, Nyla Martin, Charlie Peck, Freiburg & USA

In these last years, against the backdrop of the death of George Floyd, the global climate crisis, the rampant spread of the Corona pandemic and the latest presidential election, America's youth has been confronted with an unprecedented degree of uncertainty about their future.

This has resulted in their increased demand for change that manifests in activism both on social media and in the streets. The recent confirmation of President-elect Joe Biden may bring about this long wanted change. But can the oldest president to date truly represent the will of an entire generation that will long outlive him?

Three young Americans all living in Freiburg, Germany will discuss these topics and take questions from the audience.


This event is part of a lecture series which aims to throw light on the current situation of the United States from a variety of different disciplinary, methodological, and professional angles. There will be the voices of scholars and of students, professionals and tourists, U.S. citizens and ‘foreigners’.
The lectures and presentations of this lecture cycle will accompany, and comment on, the first weeks of whatever will come after November 3rd.

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Veranstaltungssprache: Englisch
Mit: Englisches Seminar der Universität Freiburg

Do, 03.Dez.2020 um 18:15