Schurz Shorts Filmmaking Club

Mit Ashley Matthäus, Freiburg

Calling all filmmakers!
The Carl-Schurz-Haus’ very own Filmmaking Club is dedicated to encouraging and creating short films. The goal of the group is to communally support and develop short film projects with a focus on producing films in English and/or films that address current social, cultural, or political issues. All skill levels are welcome – group members are encouraged to learn from and collaborate with each other. So if you fancy yourself a screenwriter, camera operator, editor, etc… please join us!
During this meeting, we will work on a short film project (or several!) as a group.
Please come with any unfinished projects, fresh ideas, and an open mind!

Eintritt frei
Veranstaltungssprache: Englisch

Carl-Schurz-Haus, Eisenbahnstr. 62
Sa, 11.Jul.2020 um 11:00
Sa, 11.Jul.2020 um 13:00