Entfällt: National Model United Nations: Multilateral State Of Mind

Vortrag & Simulation der NMUN Hochschulgruppe Freiburg

We – 15 cross-disciplinary students – set out eager to learn about international relations, diplomacy, contemporary international issues and the United Nations (UN) in particular. Hence, we took a leap across the pond in order to participate as a delegation in the National Model United Nations New York (NMUN NY) 2020. NMUN NY brings international students together to debate within the framework of a real-world-oriented simulation of UN committees governed by specific rules of procedure and diplomatic decorum. Writing position papers, giving speeches, negotiating and striving for workable resolutions through collaboration and compromise within the international community, we gathered hands-on experience of the human policy-making process. Thus, this experience and practice informed a “Multilateral State of Mind.” In order to promote a better understanding of how this attitude both evolves from and roots in practice, we will give a presentation and simulation to share our experience.

Eintritt frei
Veranstaltungssprache: Englisch 

Mo, 22.Jun.2020 um 19:00