Entfällt: Promising Young Woman

Monday Nite at the Movies

Before Promising Young Woman, leading actress Carey Mulligan was known for playing reserved female characters, like Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby. Now she plays a complex and energetic contemporary heroine who is on a personal vendetta.
Cassie Thomas was said to be a young and promising woman before she quit medical school due to a traumatic event in her life. She now works as a barista in a café and seems to be enjoying a quiet life. But appearances are deceiving. Leading a double life following her new, much darker ambition, Cassie seeks revenge for past trauma by confronting and punishing men who take advantage of women. In times of #MeToo, the revenge drama thriller addresses a delicate subject starring a vindictive and witty heroine.

With an introduction by Rolf Luchs
Eintritt: € 8 / 7,50 (Schüler*innen, Studierende, Senior*innen ab 65, CSH-Mitglieder & Inhaber*innen der CineCard), ggf. zzgl. Überlängenzuschlag
Veranstaltungssprache: Englisch
Mit: Friedrichsbau Kino

Friedrichsbau, Kaiser-Joseph-Str. 268
Mo, 15.Jun.2020 um 19:00