Entfällt: The Democrats: United We Stand Or Divided We Fall?

© Sumangali Somaskanda

Vortrag aus der Reihe "U.S. Elections 2020" mit Sumangali Somaskanda, Berlin

As the battle for the presidency kicks into high gear, the Democrats are experiencing an identity crisis that is tearing at the fabric of their party and raising fundamental questions: Is the Democratic Party moderate, progressive, liberal, left-wing – or all of the above? What strategies have leading candidates like Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders employed to appeal to a broad number of voters, and is it working? These questions are more urgent than ever, because the stakes are higher than ever: Over the last four years, America has been shaken to the core by an administration that has defied convention, eschewed norms and diplomacy, and actively eroded the stability of the institutions that uphold the country’s democracy. But will the Democrats be able to forge a united front in time to challenge the president in November?
Sumangali “Sumi” Somaskanda is a senior news anchor at Germany’s international broadcaster DW News (Deutsche Welle). She also works as a writer and editor for several magazines, being an expert on politics, immigration, and economics. Throughout her career, Somaskanda even got the chance to interview former president Bill Clinton.

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