The Power of No: Essential Components for Unleashing Your True Power

Online workshop for driven yet highly sensitive women who desire career success with Tanya Dantus, Freiburg

In this TRANSFORMATIONAL workshop, we will explore:

*Why self-expression is so vital for your career success and personal relationships

*3 ways your fears get in the way of speaking up

*Why key skills of saying “no”, speaking up with truth, and setting boundaries are critical.

*How these skills are ESSENTIAL for long-term sustainable careers, effective communications, and handling conflicts.

Learning how to say NO leads to greater health, increased energy levels, productivity, a sense of satisfaction, integrity, and success for all parties, and more time and energy for showing up at your best.

The workshop will be held via the Online Meeting App Zoom. It is an easy tool, which does not have to be downloaded. No need for an account or putting in any personal data. You will receive an invite and all necessary instructions via email upon registration.

Entrance is FREE.
Please register in advance by Registration via e-mail by 3 April: gabc@carl-schurz-haus.de

Mi, 08.Apr.2020 um 18:00