Entfällt: MAITA

Konzert mit der Indie-Band aus Portland, OR

An evening of colorful indie rock sound and deeply intimate lyrics invites listeners to reflect upon the personal and the social. Portland-based indie-band MAITA is all about combining personal storytelling, folk/acoustic tendencies and rock influence. The first single of their new album Can’t Blame a Kid channels the band’s front-woman and songwriter Maria Maita-Keppeler’s childhood insecurities. The song describes the imbalanced relationship with her childhood friend which made her feel like she was “always on the sidelines.” Maria explains: “For many years it was easy for me to blame a lack of confidence and self-worth on this relationship, and writing this song helped me to find resolution by bringing light to the futility of harboring resentment against children, as we all were back in the formative days that inspired the song. It really is fascinating, though unfortunate, that we are often at our most callous at the age when we are also the most fragile.”

Eintritt: € 12

SWAMP, Talstr. 90
Sa, 28.Mär.2020 um 21:00