Entfällt: Bart Budwig

Konzert mit dem Singer-Songwriter aus Enterprise, OR

Bart Budwig is hard to categorize. It would be easy to peg him as a stereotypical Oregon singer-songwriter: He’s a multi-instrumentalist, has a big beard, and you can buy tie-dye socks with his name on them from his website.
Musically, he is a little easier to pin down, though putting him firmly into a country- and folk-rock corner would be a disservice to the full scope of his work, with jazz sounds and R&B vocals occasionally sneaking their way into his rich arrangements.
Budwig’s chosen home town of Enterprise, OR seems to inform his music as much as anything, situated at the foot of the beautiful and wild Wallowa Mountains. Here, Budwig gathered fellow musicians to record his newest album Another Burn On the AstroTurf at the historic OK Theater. And while the usual country melancholy finds places to shine through, the new record speaks to community and friendship: The title itself references the recording sessions and cigarettes dropped onto the artificial grass just outside the theater.

Eintritt: € 12

SWAMP, Talstr. 90
Fr, 13.Mär.2020 um 21:00