Looking Ahead to 2020: Exploring the Impact of Changing Demographics, Confrontational Politics, & Battles Through the Ballot Box

© David McCuan

Vortrag aus der Reihe "U.S. Elections 2020" mit Prof. David McCuan, University of California, Sonoma, CA

This talk examines the dynamics and differences affecting American politics as we move into the 2020 General Election period. The U.S. will elect not only a President, but also has important national and sub-national elections that will affect the future direction of the nation and its relationships with other nations. This lecture examines how changing demographics, the role of money in elections, and issues such as the economy and foreign policy all join to determine election outcomes. We will focus on the dynamics that affect political actors and institutions as the process of elections unfolds. We pay particular attention to the differences between “electioneering”(running for office) and “governing” (creating effective public policy). In an era of heightened negativity and polarization in American politics, this lecture is also timely for not only those in the United States, but also for America’s allies. Join us as we examine all things politics during this engaging and informative talk.
David McCuan is Professor and Department Chair for Political Science at Sonoma State Universtiy. His expertise rests in two broad areas – American politics and International Relations. McCuan’s research focuses on state and local elections. His teaching responsibilities include courses in both international and national politics, international security and terrorism, state and local politics, campaigns and elections, and political behavior.

Eintritt frei
Veranstaltungssprache: Englisch
Mit: Colloquium politicium, Landeszentrale für politische Bildung

Hörsaal 1098, KG I der Universität
Mi, 27.Nov.2019 um 20:15