Ada Lea

Konzert mit der Performerin aus Montreal, Kanada

The painful ending of an important romantic relationship inspired Alexandra Levy’s debut album as Ada Lea, what we say in private, released in July 2019. Frantically writing songs was a means of coping for her as well as a way of journaling her raw and messy feelings in the first 180 days after the break-up. The Montreal-based singer and songwriter turned her emotional chaos into a collection of ten profound songs that fuse Indie rock and experimental pop music. Heartfelt acoustic-guitar melodies meet unpredictable changes in rhythm, synthesizers and distortion. It is Ada Lea’s voice, at times hushed and full of sorrow, at others aggressively demanding answers, that leads us through the drama as we slide swiftly from one genre into another following her turbulent journey to recovery and freedom.

Eintritt: € 12

SWAMP, Talstr. 90
Sa, 16.Nov.2019 um 21:00