Entfällt: Searching for Cosmopolis: Living Together, Apart

Vortrag mit Prof. Joseph Heathcott, New York City & Paris

Der Vortrag muss leider entfallen.

This is a talk based on a long-term project using photographic and fieldwork methods to come to grips with how social diversity shapes urban experience, and whether cities may serve as repositories of tolerance in this rising period of bigotry and xenophobia. The talk focuses in on two neighborhoods: Jackson Heights in New York City and Belleville in Paris, and what lessons they might teach us.
Joseph Heathcott is Associate Professor of Urban Studies at the Liberal Arts College, The New School, in New York City. Prof. Heathcott studies the metropolis and its diverse cultures, institutions, and environments within a comparative and global perspective. His research and teaching interests include: cities real and imagined, architectural history, theory, and criticism in the twentieth century, metropolitan and community studies, civic and public cultures.

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Veranstaltungssprache: Englisch

Mi, 30.Okt.2019 um 19:00