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International Podcast Day

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Special Event mit Nicole Palazzo, Freiburg

Ever since the NPR true crime podcast Serial grabbed the attention of millions of Americans in late 2014, podcasts have solidified their place in American pop culture. The medium presents audio in a more portable and individualized format than radio. Podcasts can be created with a smartphone or produced in a recording studio, opening up the possibilities for people of all levels of technical knowledge. Today, there are nearly a million podcasts to choose from, and the format is making its way into the hearts (and ears) of Germans. But what is a podcast? Why are they so loved? What goes into making one?
In celebration of International Podcast Day, this event brings together a panel of local Freiburg podcast creators for a discussion on how and why they make their shows, followed by a live taping of The Expat Cast, a podcast about living in Germany as a foreigner, produced and hosted by an American in Freiburg. With an overview of the history of podcasting and time for Q&A, there will be plenty to enjoy for podcast newcomers and enthusiasts alike.
Nicole Palazzo moved to Freiburg from Chicago in 2017. The lessons she learned about life, love, and German bureaucracy inspired her to start the podcast The Expat Cast, a show where expats swap stories about fitting in, standing out, and mishaps on their journey to feeling at home abroad.

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Veranstaltungssprache: Englisch

Mo, 30.Sep.2019 um 18:30