The Freiburg Writers' Group

Creative Writing Group

Writers and aspiring writers! Non-native and native speakers of English alike! We invite you to join us in attempting and frequently achieving the impossible: setting our thoughts and feelings down in words. We aim to foster an environment of support and challenge, a place where you feel like you can write what and how you want. Our workshops include collaborative writing, reading, and feedback, as well as special events with authors. For current meeting dates and other information, please visit our website at carl-schurz-haus.de/en/activities/writing-circle.html, join us on Facebook at bit.ly/FreiburgWritersGroup or contact Shawn at studienberatung@carl-schurz-haus.de.

Meetings are free, but if you attend regularly, we encourage you to
become a member of the Carl-Schurz-Haus.
Veranstaltungssprache: Englisch

Di, 11.Jun.2019 um 19:00