Sun June

Konzert mit Sun June, Austin TX

With relaxed rhythms and soothing vocals, Sun June plays like the soundtrack to a nostalgic summer evening. Out of Austin, Texas, this warm and self-described ‘regret pop’ group delivers a smooth and dreamy ride that is incredibly easy on the ears. The group outperforms any expectations, as the five members are all new to the professional music scene – the two leading members met on a film set just before the band’s conception. In their 2018 debut album Years, Sun June show off their talent in languid songs that are subtly flavored with musical expertise. Stories of love and lovesickness are told through dreamy reverb and gentle guitar, providing the perfect thrum to accompany Laura Colwell’s easy croon.

Eintritt: € 12

SWAMP, Talstr. 90
Sa, 13.Apr.2019 um 21:00