On the Basis of Sex

Monday Nite at the Movies

Following the life and career of legendary Supreme Court Justice and determined women’s rights advocate Ruth Bader Ginsburg, this biographical drama directed by Emmy Awards winner Mimi Leder (Peacemaker) dives deep into the heart of the late 20th century struggle against gendered discrimination in the USA. Ruth, played by Felicity Jones (Rogue One, The Invisible Woman) has to practically claw her way to an education at Harvard Law. On top of that, Ruth’s husband Martin (Armie Hammer) is diagnosed with cancer leaving Ruth to take care of him and their infant daughter Jane as well as continuing both her own and her husband’s academic career. Despite everything she graduates top of her class. But being a woman makes it impossible for Ruth to find employment as a lawyer. However, Ruth remains resolved to find a way into law to actively try and break down the legal barriers that keep women (and men) from accessing their basic civil and human rights based on their gender. Thus, when her husband presents her with an interesting tax case Ruth jumps on her chance. Teaming up with Mel Wulf (Justin Theroux) of the American Civil Liberties Union and civil rights activist Dorothy Kenyon (Kathy Bates), Ginsburg begins a legal battle that will permanently define her career as she fights both for her voice as a lawyer and her voice as a woman.

With an introduction by Rolf Luchs
Eintritt: € 8 | 7,50 Schüler, Studierende, Senioren (ab 65) | 7 CSHMitglieder & Inhaber der CineCard (ggf. zzgl. Überlängenzuschlag)
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