Monday Nite at the Movies

UK/USA | 2018 | 112 min | Dir.: Wash Westmoreland | OmU

Based on the life of the early 20th century French novelist Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette, actress Keira Knightley had a challenging role to live up to in this biographical drama.
Colette tells the story of a young girl from the country side and how falling in love with Willy (Dominic West) turns her world upside down. After getting married, she finds herself giving up her old life in rural France to dive into the unfamiliar, intellectual and artistic splendor that awaits her in Paris. Being the head of a publishing house, Willy is harshly exploiting writers publishing fiction under his name. Soon after his business runs dry, Colette becomes one of them as her husband convinces her to ghostwrite for him. Inspired by her own story, she produces semi-erotic novels about the adventures and misadventures of Claudine, a country girl who ends up in Paris. Without getting any credit for her bestseller, her husband forces her to keep the production going against her will. This pushes Colette
over the edge as she begins to fight for creative ownership in order to overcome societal constrains and fixed gender roles. Her experimental writings shake up French society as
she revolutionizes literature, fashion and sexual expression.

With an introduction by Rolf Luchs
Eintritt: € 8 | 7,50 (Schüler, Studierende, Senioren (ab 65)) | 7 (CSH-Mitglieder & Inhaber der CineCard)  (ggf. zzgl. Überlängenzuschlag)
Veranstaltungssprache: OmU
Mit: Friedrichsbau Kino

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