Monday Nite at the Movies

Achtung, neuer Film! Aufgrund des geänderten Erscheinungsdatums von Boy Erased zeigen wir im Dezember Widows.


Set in contemporary Chicago, The Widows tells the story of a newly created friendship between four women that could not be more different, due to the gloomy fate that is awaiting them. Grief, loss and the life-threatening situation they find themselves in, in a time of turmoil creates the common motivation that makes them join forces. Inheriting a 2 million dollar debt after the tragic death of their husbands during a botched robbery, they find themselves in a heated situation of life and death. Luckily, Veronica (Viola Davis) stumbles upon her husband´s notebook that contains all sorts of plans of his criminal activities that come in handy at the right moment. Making use of her stroke of luck, the plan is set and a heist will be the solution to the widows´ problems. Struggling at first, the want-to-be criminals face various intrigues, and plot twists leading to unforeseen outcomes that make the movie more than just a typical heist film. The audience will not miss the fun factor of car chases and gunplay whilst being surprised, at times, with unexpected and emotional scenes as well as, a deeper moral message.
With an introduction by Rolf Luchs

UK/USA | 2018 | Dir&Pro: Steve McQueen | OmU


Eintritt: € 8 / 7,50 (Schüler, Studierende, Senioren (ab 65)) / 7 (CSH-Mitglieder & Inhaber der Cinecard)Veranstaltungssprache: OmUMit: Friedrichsbau Kino



Friedrichsbau, Kaiser-Joseph-Str. 268
Mo, 10.Dez.2018 um 19:00