Sustainable Tourism

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Concepts and Practical Implementations of Socially, Culturally, and Environmentally Viable Approaches in Tanzania With Justaz Mollel, Dr. Gert Fehlner, Wendy Fehlner, Tansania & Freiburg

The workshop will introduce the field of Sustainable Tourismby sketching out important landmarks and discussing the various issues, concepts, theories, and general approaches. This first part of the course will provide the context for a more focused discussion. We will conclude with practical best-practice advice on how to be(come) a responsible guide/group leader/teacher.
The workshop will be co-taught by Gert Fehlner (Englisches Seminar), Wendy Fehlner (DHBW Lörrach, Nachhaltiges Tourismus-Management) and Justaz Mollel, aneminent certified tourism manager from Tanzania’s Masaai area. Justaz has many years of practical experience as a safari-guide for the Serengeti and as a mountain-guide for the Kilimanjaro. He has been known as a practitioner and promoter of sustainable tourism for a long time. His recent innovation of a mountain-bike tour in the Serengeti received very favorable coverage in 2017 in the National Geographic Magazine.

10-16 Uhr, Di-Fr, 22.-25.05.2018
Blockseminar der Uni Freiburg bis 25. Mai, wenige Plätze für Nicht-Studierende
Anmeldung erforderlich: gert.fehlner@anglistik.uni-freiburg.de
Eintritt frei, Veranstaltungssprache: Englisch
Mit: Englisches Seminar der Uni Freiburg, DHBW Lörrach

Übungsraum 2, KG IV der Universität
Di, 22.Mai.2018 um 10:00
Fr, 25.Mai.2018 um 16:00