Verschoben: United We Stand? A Debate About the Midterm Elections 2018

Podiumsdiskussion über die kommenden Midterm Elections

Verschoben! Die Podiumsdiskussion wird nicht wie angekündigt am 24. April stattfinden, sondern auf einen Termin im Herbst verlegt.

Long before voters decide in November who will control the House, the Senate and 36 governor’s seats across the country, the most wide-open primary season in decades will plunge the nation’s two major political parties into historic battles over who they are. The long-anticipated 2018 midterm elections are rapidly approaching — a referendum on President Trump and the GOP majority, and a gauge of Americans’ expectations of government. But first the parties and their voters must chart a course through their nominating contests.

Between March 6 in Texas and Sept. 18 in Massachusetts, thousands of contenders, Republican and Democrat, will compete at every level of elected office below the presidency for the chance to appear on the ballot in November. In this debate with representatives of both parties, we will bring this battle to Freiburg and you can find out what’s atstake in this year’s election.

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Veranstaltungssprache: Englisch
Mit: Democrats Abroad, Academic Year in Freiburg

Hörsaal 1098, KG I der Universität
Di, 24.Apr.2018 um 20:15