(In)Divisible: Polarization and Party Politics in the American Heartland

Vortrag mit Emily Hruban, Washington, D.C.

In 2016, the United States faced one of its most emotional presidential elections in history. The result of the election revealed a deep divide in the country and shed light on pain felt by Americans on both sides right and left. (In)Divisible is based on interviews from the field with over 125 Americans from across the country and across the political spectrum. It explores the causes of polarization in the United States, and addresses the divisions felt along not only political but also socio-economic, geographic, racial and educational lines. In its pages, American voices explain the very real challenges they face on a daily basis and the frustration they feel with the state of their country.
Emily Hruban is project manager for transatlantic relations at the Bertelsmann Foundation. She holds a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and a master’s degree in transcultural studies.

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Veranstaltungssprache: Englisch
Mit: US-Botschaft Berlin

Mi, 14.Mär.2018 um 19:00