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Vortrag & Gespräch mit Gideon Marks, San Francisco, CA

Eine Veranstaltung mit der German-American Business Community

Gideon Marks has been active in high tech for 30 plus years, in growth companies from inception through initial public offering and in Merger & Aquisition transactions.
As Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Corporate Development, Gideon oversaw numerous public and private financing rounds, including three IPOs on NASDAQ and four M&A transactions.
The M&A transactions include Radnet which was acquired by Siemens and Net Optics which was acquired by IXIA.
Working with many entrepreneurs in various industries from Europe, Korea, Israel and Silicon Valley led Gideon to share his experience with what makes some startups more successful than others and what is needed as far as leadership, traction, funding and technology.
In his talk, Gideon will focus on topics such as: doing the right things, finding and telling a good story to investors and building credibility. In addition, Gideon will cover the topic of innovation and why Silicon Valley and Israel spearhead it.
Gideon’s Linkedin profile is: linkedin.com/in/gideonmarks/

Eintritt frei
Veranstaltungssprache: Englisch
Mit: US-Botschaft Berlin, Grünhof Freiburg

Grünhof, Belfortstr. 52
Mo, 26.Feb.2018 um 18:30