Creative Writing Workshop


Creative Writing Workshop mit Hal D’Arpini, Straßburg

To promote the English-language short story competition “Strasbourg Write a Story 2018,” Hal D’Arpini will lead a creative writing workshop at our library.
Hal has managed the competition’s website since it started in 2013 and lived in Strasbourg for seven years before recently moving to Munich. Hal is from the Detroit area and has an undergraduate degree in French and theater and has a legal and IT background. Hal also has worked as an English teacher in the Strasbourg area, also leading a creative writing group and giving writing workshops.
The workshop topic will be “The sound of your writing,” and the session will draw from Steering the Craft, Ursula Le Guin’s work on creative writing. Along the way, participants will be encouraged to ask questions and be engaged in writing exercises, with the goal being to learn a bit more about the process of writing. By the end, they hopefully will feel enthusiastic enough to enter the competition, but this is not obligatory.
Please sign up in advance, the number of participants is limited!

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Sa, 13.Jan.2018 um 15:00
Sa, 13.Jan.2018 um 17:00