Shielding Democracies From Hacking and Disinformation

Luncheon mit Laura Daniels, Berlin

States have long tried to influence one another, at times through subversive means. Today, reports of hacking and leaking, “fake news” propagated by bots and false accounts, rumors of foreign funding to extremist parties, and other similar tactics have caused alarm in Western democracies. These methods have elicited comparisons to Soviet “active measures”—or subversive operations—which appear to be back in business and benefitting from a technological upgrade.

To gain a better understanding of subversive influencing tools and the challenge they pose to democracies today, Laura Daniels analyzed Soviet active measures during the Cold War in France and Germany and compared these with the methods currently in play. She conducted research in Paris at the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI) during the French elections this spring and has been based at the Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi) this year through the recent German elections.

Laura Daniels will share findings from her research on how these methods have evolved over time and what lessons can be learned from past efforts to shield democracies from hostile outside interference. In a debate that often refers to a vague threat of external manipulation, Laura Daniels will shine light on how these tools function and what concrete impact they can have. Finally, as technology has made subversive influencing easier for a variety of international actors, she will discuss Germany’s efforts to shield itself thus far and what must be done to face the challenge going forward.

Eintritt inkl. Lunchbuffet: € 10 / frei (CSH-Mitglieder)
Veranstaltungssprache: Englisch
Mit: US-Botschaft Berlin

Di, 12.Dez.2017 um 12:00