United States of Resistance: Trump's America to a Progressive Revolution

Vortrag mit Dominic Frongillo, Freiburg

From millions of people marching after Donald Trump’s inauguration, to airport protests over Trump’s travel ban, to cities declaring themselves “sanctuary cities,” to mayors pledging to uphold the Paris accord – a new wave of Americans is resisting the Trump agenda and fighting for progress in the USA.
Join us for a lively conversation led by former New York State elected official Dominic Frongillo about the state of the United States. With stories from the front lines, we’ll help answer what most Americans are asking: How did we get here, going from Obama to Trump? Why is the conservative Right rising in power when majorities of Americans support progressive policies like expanding healthcare and protecting the environment? And where does America go from here? We will talk about the story behind the Right’s rise, Trump’s election and the historic wave of grassroots resistance, and pathways for positive change. Dominic Frongillo will share stories from the ground, including groups like Indivisible, which is one of the strongest, most impactful movements fighting Trump’s agenda.
Dominic Frongillo made history at age 22 by becoming the youngest person to serve on the Town Council in Caroline, New York. Award-nominated for his work in clean energy and climate, he organized over 1,000 lawmakers from all 62 counties in New York State to win the state’s historic ban on fracking in 2015 and push for bold clean energy goals.

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Veranstaltungssprache: Englisch

Do, 30.Nov.2017 um 19:00