Climate Change Policy and Politics in America

Vortag mit Prof. Denise Keele, Ph.D., Kalamazoo, MI

The scientific consensus on the causes and consequences of climate change is clear and the target reductions in emissions for successful mitigation have long been identified. Unfortunately, the United States has continually struggled to adopt national solutions. Given the continued failure of Congress to pass any national legislation, US climate policy remains dominated by the President and the Courts, and characterized by partisanship and conflict. Why has the US struggled with the climate issue, what is the nature of the US commitment to the international community under the Paris Agreement, and what effect may the 2016 elections have on the future of US climate policy?
Denise Keele is Associate Professor of Political Science, jointly appointed with the Institute of the Environment & Sustainability at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA. Her research and teaching focus on environmental policy and law, in particular the use of the courts to influence public policy.

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Veranstaltungssprache: Englisch
Mit: Colloquium politicum

Hörsaal 1199, KG I der Universität
Do, 01.Jun.2017 um 20:15