Special Event

EUROMicroFest 2017

Musical entertainment with international artists and musicians

Microtonality is infi ltrating the musical establishment both in terms of ‘classical’ new music and the electronic arts. EUROMicroFest is a celebration of some of the outcomes and some of the tunings used.
EUROMicroFest 2017 focuses on two important tunings (72 and 19 divisions of the octave) both led by gifted performers, Christopher Watford, bassoon, and Stephen Altoft, trumpet.
Christopher Watford is a Boston/New York based bassoonist concerned with the expansion of the instrument’s capabilities, who has been praised for bringing “smooth varnish” (The Boston Globe) to his performances with a “clear consistent tone”. Stephen Altoft is an English trumpeter based in Freiburg, who will be performing with Lee Ferguson as duo Contour.
Our performers will offer recitals and workshops, as well as short, informative lecture presentations.
EUROMicroFest is intended to inform and inspire. To that end, other guests will talk about microtonality in opera, in drum, bass, and on the guitar.

Infos zu Einlass & Eintritt: ewerk-freiburg.de
Veranstaltungssprache: Deutsch
Mit: EUROMicroFest, Kulturamt der Stadt Freiburg

E-Werk, Eschholzstr. 77
Do, 18.Mai.2017 , ganztägig
Sa, 20.Mai.2017