eBook Circulation

In cooperation with the US Embassy, we offer the ability to borrow eBooks. As a holder of a library card, you can simply contact us in person, by email or by phone, and we will activate free and immediate access to our eBook portal. There, you can search for specific books, or allow yourself to be inspired by suggestions.

How to use our eLibrary

  1. Make sure that your library card is valid and that the CSH library has your date of birth. Feel free to stop by, email, or call.
  2. Click the eBooks button below.
  3. Browse fiction, non-fiction, and audiobooks.
  4. Sign in to your account to borrow titles.
  5. Check out up to six titles at a time.
  6. Read eBooks on your browser (computer, table, notebook), or download titles directly to your eReader (e.g. Kindle). Audiobooks can be downloaded to a computer or mp3 player.
  7. The lending period is 14 days, renewal is possible, and the title will be automatically returned.
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Any Questions?

Our Library Team can help you set up your eLibrary access. Visit us within our opening hours!