The Carl-Schurz-Haus Gaming Club

The Carl-Schurz-Haus Gaming Club's (CSH Gaming) goal is to provide a casual environment for students to speak English. The first program CSH Gaming will participate in is Farmcraft 2022.

The Carl-Schurz-Haus Gaming Club is an English language Gaming Club with the express purpose of using videogames and related mediums to improve the English language abilities of participants in a more casual environment than your typical classroom.

CSH Gaming is not a program meant to explicitly teach English, rather it should be a space for ESL (English as a Second Language) speakers to practice their English.

To generate activity and interest in the Club, CSH Gaming will be participating in Farmcraft 2022. Farmcraft 2022 shows how CSH Gaming can meld an interest in gaming with other educational topics, in Farmcraft’s case agriculture, sustainability, and other natural sciences.

Further programming will be based on the interests of members. Other planned programming includes regular meetings at which cooperative and competitive games will be played on the Nintendo Switch or Laptops.



Farmcraft at CSH

Do you play Minecraft? Are you passionate about climate change, sustainability, or environmental science?

The Farmcraft Competition is an international E-Sports competition that aims to educate through play.

Students play a modded version of Minecraft, where they build a farm and tweak it to perfection. Participants must overcome and adapt to the obstacles presented to them by different biomes as they attempt to build and curate a successful farm.

Ingenuity, creativity, and imagination will be rewarded in this international competition, the more players account for both in-game mechanics and the realities of farming the more successful they will be.

Farmcraft seeks to foster an interest in the contemporary challenges of sustainability, climate change, invasive species and pests, and agriculture in students.



February 2nd - Farmcraft 2022 Kick-Off Stream

February 16th - Pre-Season Challenge #1

March 2nd - Pre-Season Challenge #2

March 16th - Pre-Season Challenge #3

March 23rd - Food Thought #1

- Speakers/Presentations by Scientists and Experts, an Interactive opportunity for students to engage on the shared topic


Regular Season:

March 30th - World Launch / Regular Season Challenge #1

April 13th - Last date for Farmcraft 2022 registration

April 13th - Food for Though #2 / Regular Season Challenge #2

April 27th - Food for Though #3 / Regular Season Challenge #3

May 4th - Food for Thought #4

May 11th - Last stream before Finals (**Finals Awards Stream- date TBD)

Our next event


Joining the Farmcraft Team

More about Farmcraft

Farmcraft lasts for about three months, going from late March to middle May. Before the main competition begins, there are Pre-Season Challenges which resemble the Challenges of the Regular Season. We hope to participate in those Pre-Season Challenges, so that our Teams have a solid understanding of Farmcraft going into the Regular Season.

Farmcraft’s Challenges consist of a concept or idea for students to tackle and then build their ‘World’ around. For example, Pre-Season Challenge 1 focused on the “tools and practices” of modern farmers. What are those tools? What do they help farmers accomplish? What are some challenges farmers face for which there are no existing tools? By answering these questions for themselves and using those answers to shape their Minecraft farm, students will connect real world concepts and challenges with their own experiences within the game.

As part of an effort to provide students with more resources on the topics their Challenges address, NASEF hosts regular “Food for Thought” livestreams. These livestreams review Regular Season Challenges, talk about their questions, and feature professionals who give students a glance at the issue on a more technical level as well as a glimpse of their profession.

Who can participate

We are looking for students between the ages of 8-18 in and around Freiburg to form teams at the Carl-Schurz-Haus. This program is primarily in English, so a good knowledge of English is required. Participants must be between the ages of 8-18, attend a school in Freiburg, and speak competent English.

How to join and start participating

Interested students with parental permission can contact our Gaming Club Manager, Niko Christen. We are hoping to participate in the current Pre-Season Challenge, which would mean we need at least two students for a team by March 9th, 2022. However, students can still register to participate in Farmcraft till the 8th of April. When a team has been formed, Niko will register the team for the NASEF Farmcraft competition and become the adult sponsor for the team.

As soon as we have enough participants to form some Teams, we will schedule regular meetings. At these meetings, we will begin working on Pre-Season and Regular Season Challenges.

Team meetings will be held either in person at the Carl-Schurz-Haus or online over Discord, Slack, or Zoom. Meeting at the CSH will allow us to lend out computers for those who don’t have a PC. Teams will have to determine when they will meet among themselves.